Tuesday, 9 November 2010

With the family

Dog life has been ticking along nicely, although there was a big hiccup a few weeks ago when the whole family left me at the dog hotel for, what seemed like, a very long time.  The came back all smiles with brown skin, so they must have gone somewhere where the sun was shining quite a lot.  It was good to be back home, and I kept telling them that too (they weren't impressed).  It was also good to get back to annoying Pepper - apparently he'd enjoyed his cat hotel stay very much.  He mentioned something about "lots of peace and quiet"!
helping with the navigating
Anyway, I've been out and about in the Land Rover helping the Daddy navigate the green lanes around here and the Katie has been making me do lots of jumping in exchange for nice (but healthy) treats.  I think I'm pretty nifty at the jumping lark actually - perhaps I should go in for some competitions next year.
I can jump!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

I'm fighting fit and having fun

Since my nasty little hiccup of an op, the Mummy has changed my diet from dried food to half dried, half wet, so I'd like to pass on bucket loads of thanks to the vet for insisting I have wet food during my recovery period - it's the best ever!  The Mummy and the Daddy say I've got loads of energy (more so than before) and I think they're probably right.  It's either down to the new food or perhaps to the fact I've no longer got a piece of corn cob stuck in my innards!!

There's been lots of playing recently.  Ball play went down the pan for a while after my op, but I found a new and exciting game to replace this - catch the light.  It drives me up the wall (literally) - I chase this little light that flickers around the room (usually the kitchen cupboards) until I go so berserk all I can do it bark and bark to show my overwhelming happiness.

Poppy chasing a light

My folks have also come up with a new game which involves me getting some kind of yummy treat (they bought a load at the Burghley Horse Trials last week), or my favourite ball, out of an upturned plastic cup.  It's really easy to do (but I let them think it's quite hard, just so I get lots of praise and goodies).
Find the treat (or the ball)
My other new game is hunt the Pepper.  He used to hide in the airing cupboard all day so I always knew where to go to annoy him.  These last few weeks he's been shifting around abit for his day time sleeps so I have to mooch around the house looking for him.  His latest hideout (if you can call it that) is Katie's bed.  This is brilliant as the Katie used to have one of those really tall beds, with steps, so I wasn't able to get up there and see Pepper, but now he's within reach.  Things are fine until he starts to hiss and I start to bark, then the folk get abit fed up with it all and turf me out of the room.
Yippee - I've found Pepper!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Listen up folks

Poppy sporting her
I've been a little under the weather these last few days, although I'm well and truly on the mend now, thanks to my folks looking after me and to the kind V.E.T. who sorted me out in double quick time.

Last Thursday morning I greeted my Mummy with a puddle of sick!  Yuck, I know but there have been other mornings where I've gotten a little bored of waiting I've left her a similar present to tell her off.  She got the hint eventually, and began to give me a bit of grub before bed, so the throwing up didn't happen quite so often.  This Thursday though, I didn't throw up on purpose, I did it because I was feeling a bit under the weather (although not so under the weather that I couldn't got for a morning ball play at the park)  The Mummy and the Katie went off to the stables as usual, and when they got home the Daddy correctly reported that I'd been throwing up the whole time they'd been out.  First it was my breakfast, then it was bits of apple that the Daddy had given me yesterday, then it was nothing but clear slime with lots of grass in it (the first time I did this, I managed to spread it from one room into the next - the Daddy wasn't impressed).  I tell you, it was hard work on my tummy constantly throwing up.  The look on the Mummy's face was enough to confirm she wasn't going to let this go on for much longer.  She got on that thing called the "phone" and talked to the V.E.T.

Strangely enough (and doesn't this always happen), I stopped throwing up once an appointment with the V.E.T. had been made (for early next morning - they're very popular V.E.Ts), and I began to feel a bit better. 

Next morning came and, as the V.E.T. had suggested, I got yummy chicken with not so yummy boiled rice for breakfast.  The Mummy was over-the-moon to find I could keep the chicken down and as I felt a bit better she decided to cancel the visit to the V.E.T.  Deep down I knew this was a bad mistake - my tummy still felt rather dodge.  Naturally I waited until she'd chatted to the V.E.T. and then decided to throw up the chicken and then an hour or so later I threw up a rather strange looking object which the Mummy called a sweetcorn cob.  Lots of head scratching going on now - apparently my folks hadn't had corn-on-the-cob for several months.  Obviously, being a pooch and not a human, I couldn't enlighten them as to where I'd picked it up.  That, my dear readers, will be my secret for ever more!!

Back on the phone and it seemed the earliest V.E.T. appointment was Saturday afternoon.  The V.E.T. didn't seem too concerned, especially as I was able to chuck up something rather nasty like a corn cob!  As it turned out, Friday night I just wanted to sleep and be left along - everyone was worried for me.  That good man, the V.E.T. phoned first thing Saturday morning, and demanded I be brought in to the surgery for further investigation immediately, rather than wait until my appointment.

I certainly didn't like it there as they whisked me away and I had to watch as the Daddy and the Ben walked out of the room.  This funny camera thing took a photo of my innards and then, without further ado, I was out like a light for a few hours.  It turns out a bit of that horrible corn cob had got stuck in my bowels - rather lucky that V.E.T. phoned wasn't it - could have been a bit nasty for me otherwise.
The offending corn cob
I've got this rather silly lampshade thing to wear now as I keep scratching my stitches.  To think the label reads "fashionable collar" - yeh, right!

So lovely readers with pooches - please make sure your faithful hound doesn't eat corn on the cob, it could turn out to be rather bad, and rather expensive too apparently.  And while I'm on the subject, the V.E.T. said dogs shouldn't eat sticks, socks or any other yummy looking object that's not been given to you in a bowl  - they can all make you blocked up.  Life's just so unfare.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

My favourite window ...

Poppy at

This is the window Pepper likes to come in through.  I sit and watch it a lot, just so I don't miss him.  Mummy lifted me up to get a really good view out of this window the other day - boy you can see forever out of it!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Balls, and lots of 'em too

Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but, apart from food (a dog's priority), tennis balls are my top, top wonderful thing to own.  I own quite a few you know!  I was so lucky to come into a household where the Boy used to play tennis.  This means, yep, you've guessed it, that there were tennis balls everywhere, even new unopened boxes of them!  I whittled his big stash of tennis balls down to just a handful (if you have big man like hands that is).  Not sure what happened to the rest, I guess they're somewhere in the park, the garden, the house, even sinking into the marshes most likely.  Anyway, the ones I have left are special, so special.  They smell fab and are all slimey, chewed, dented and very well used.
The Mummy bought one of these small ball throwers a few weeks ago - amazing.  I can scoot across the park at break neck speed when the Family use it.

The Mummy is so impressed with my love of the little yellow things, she decided to add a tinsy winsy one to her latest craft work - "Patch plays ball" - although I'm a little put out that Patch isn't modelled on me!
Ellie's Treasures

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A tiny food obsession

Oops, I've been caught a couple of times now!  I have a thing for hunting down food - well I am a dog you know and dogs are know to love their grub, even if it is scraps.
hidden stash of eggs
A couple of weeks ago, when it was really, really hot, The Mummy was sitting outside sewing and I was keeping myself busy looking for a lost tennis ball.  I couldn't believe my luck when I came across a stash of eggs lurking deep in the hedge.  After a bit of a sniff around and tasting session I had to dash off to tell everyone else about my wonderful find.  All I got in return was mega grumbles of an awful pong that was surrounding me (obviously it was a worse pong that my usual little wind problems).  That didn't deter me though, oh no!  Back I went to investigate the eggs further.  The Mummy was horrified when I sauntered up to her with my head covered in sticky yellow stuff - boy did she exclaim at the state of me and the terrible stench.  Goodness, all that fuss for a few eggs.  Mind you, she was pleased to discover that Gina (our recently deceased hen) hadn't stopped laying eggs at all these last few months, she'd just been laying them in the hedge!  The Mummy promptly gave me a bath (I have way too many baths for a dog you know) and kept saying "I hope you won't be sick after all those stale eggs".  I'm pleased to report that I wasn't.
stealing the chicken's food
This morning I managed to sneak into the chicken run to grab a bite or two of pasta The Mummy had left in there as a treat for Georgie.  Didn't realise she'd caught me (again) and captured the whole thing on camera.  It looks like Georgie's about to march up and give me a piece of her mind doesn't it, but I don't listen to chickens, they're all cluck and no action!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cat problems

Everyone at my house is my friend, the cats, the rat, the rabbit and even the chicken (and of course the human beings too), but there's one cat that I'm finding extremely hard to understand and, to be honest, it's getting me and the rest of the family a bit het up.
Pepper - the aggravating cat
The cat in question is Pepper. I'm told several times every day what a loveable hound I am, but somehow this young puss really doesn't like me, let alone love me. From the moment I set foot in my new home, Pepper would run off. Allie and Kandar usually just ignore me and quite often they're so quiet I find I've tumbled over them in my haste to get outside and play ball. We obviously have a silent agreement "I'm here, you're here, so let's just get on with it". If only that was the case with Pepper. Lately he's been aggravating me by hissing and whinging whenever he comes in to eat or sleep. The Mummy says I really don't help by jumping up and barking whenever I see Pepper at the window, but really, that cat gives me an evil look and lashes out at me with those horrible sharp claws - of course I'm going to voice my frustrations.
it's not even moving!
The other day I nearly had the fright of my life. A small black cat was sitting perfectly still on the bathroom floor. I couldn't believe my luck to start with, I thought perhaps Pepper had finally come around to my way of thinking and way going to let me sniff his behind. I inched forward (I wasn't nervous - no, really I wasn't) and eventually I was able to do the sniffing thing. I quickly found out it was a nasty joke - it wasn't a cat at all. I know this for sure because it certainly didn't smell of cat, let alone Pepper, and I'd know the smell of Pepper anywhere. Perhaps it is a stuffed cat!
a very still cat!
Anyway, the humans must think I'm a bit dim or something because they kept putting this stuffed thing around the house expecting me to react. I wasn't going to give them the satisfaction.

Now ... where's that cat.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

BBBeeeaaaccchhh ...

It's been hot, really, really hot these last few days and the word "beach" kept being thrown around like one of my soggy tennis balls. Eventually the day came and the "beach" word actually turned into an outing to remember. We all headed off in the Landie in the afternoon with all the stuff that the humans seem to need when going out for any length of time. I knew we'd be out for a while because they had packed my evening meal and plenty of water to drink.
Poppy at Hunstanton
The drive was long and this is never good for my internals! I certainly kept my lot amused with the gas that I passed quite frequently during the journey!!

First of all we turned up at a very sand
 y lane which The Daddy insisted we all drive. It was so bumpy that I joined in a bit with the complaining (by passing more gas). Finally we reached the "beach". It was fabulous, sand, sand, sand and then, even better, water.

There were quite a few people around but not too many, so I could play ball in the sand for ever and ever. The ball, being rather wet, got completely coated in
 sand but I didn't care. Plopping it down in The Mummy or The Daddy's laps was great fun as each time I'd get a "oh no, that's disgusting" comment from them, or something similar.
Not too sure to start with

The sea was interesting. It took a very short while for me to get used to it. The Katie decided a short walk on the lead would help me along and it was fun, although it was a bit salty to drink. Luckily The Mummy had brought my bowl and plenty of water, but another tiny dog kept taking drinks from it too - cheeky thing. He, and several other dogs kept wanting to play ball, it's just not fair, their Mummy and Daddy should play with them, not my Mummy and Daddy. I think they all got the hint in the end, especially as I was far quicker at retrieving then any of them. One gentleman dog seemed to take quite a shine to me, it got a little embarrassing at one point but I won't go into any more details!
this fella took a shine to me!

Lots of splashing in the sea with The Katie and The Ben throwing my ball deeper and deeper into the water to make me swim. In the end I just stood still so they had to wade in and retrieve it! I know how far I can go before losing my feet. Swim? You must been joking!
but loving the sea in the end

Everyone had lovely food to eat, including me. I found some leftovers not too far from where we were eating and ignored The Mummy having a go at me for eating the wrong kinds of food! Goodness, a dog's allowed a treat once in a while.
especially if a ball was involved in the play

I was completely exhausted on the way home and slept for most of it resting my nose against The Mummy's arm. I think fun at the beach is nearly as good as fun at the park
 - I hope we go again soon.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The cheek of it ...

I've made a friend, a furry friend. He's called Allie and he's a cat.

I know, I know, cats and dogs and all that, but he's a harmless bundle of purr and lots of fluff (it's everywhere) and he doesn't seem at all bothered by me, unlike the black cat called Pepper. That's a whole different story ....
Allie and Poppy
The other evening when the Mummy was on the phone and I was trying to have a snooze as she chatted (for what seemed an absolute age, as female humans do), I woke up to find Allie next to me. This was the first time it had happened and it was rather sweet I thought. I've noticed that he likes to snuggle up when it's a bit cold outside and the extra warmth is rather comforting when it's chilly. It's great when we're together when the Mummy and the Daddy are watching TV in the evenings.
However, I think Allie had pushed things a little too far. I mean I am still the boss around here and the boss has the most comfy of everyone's beds (check out below. Anyone would prefer to sleep on a soft duvet over a hard kitchen sink for goodness sake.). I was a bit shocked to find him curled up on MY bed! The Mummy made me leave him alone, I guess he does need to rest his poor old bones.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Well I hope Mummy doesn't get any ideas!

Look at these poor pooches, all dressed up to the nines! I wonder which outfit would suit me, certainly not photo number 25!!

The prickly being

what the?
I was fascinated to find a couple of rather prickly things on the floor when the Mummy was cleaning the bathroom the other day. I'm not usually intrigued by things left lying around the house, unless of course it's a ball, a stick, or that very unfriendly cat called Pepper. Anyway, this object caught my eye. I'm sure it moved you know, otherwise I wouldn't have even bothered to get up from a quick 40 winks snooze on the floor to investigate it further.
I know it moved ...
The Mummy said it was a star fish and being the clever dog around here I know that fish move so it must have twitched or something. Between you and me, it took a lot of courage on my part to get closer for a better inspection, but lo and behold it was a mean little thing, it stung my nose. I couldn't believe it, how horrible can something be! I tried sniffing it a couple of times and had a little friendly bat at it with my paw, but each time I had a small shock from it's prickles.
I guess star fish and me just don't go together.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The mummy and family have taken me out for a few lovely walks this week. The weather's been great for walks, none of that awful wind and rain, can't be doing with all that. The first walk was by one of the drains that leads to the Nene that flows into The Wash. The word "drains" sounds awful doesn't it? Actually it's like a big ditch and sadly there was hardly any water in it for a good old swim. Mind you, I wasn't even going to try and get down those steep slopes however much the mummy suggested I try! We all settled down with what the mummy called a mid-afternoon picnic. You call that a picnic! I thought there'd be a yummy selection of tasty morsels for me, but no, there was only chocolate bars and lemonade for them and an apple for me. I didn't complain as the ball came along with us too - I got lots of chase and fetch practise in. It was quite good fun running through the long grass to find the ball and I didn't even lose it.

Yesterday the mummy said we'd take a trip out to Sandringham park before visiting the V.E.T. for some chips. I liked the sound of that, although I've never had chips before, not here anyway, but I know they're food so chips must be good. The journey to the park seemed a long way and the sun was hot in the car. I kept moving all over the place so much that the mummy stopped the car to let me out for a wee. She didn't realise I was just REALLY excited. We made it there and had a great walk and ball play and I even found a fabulous oily swamp to wander through. The mummy thought this was fab as I'd changed from white to dark brown but then she suddenly realised about the V.E.T. visit and began to panic. I was itching to get to the chips place but everyone else wanted an ice-cream beforehand. I couldn't believe they'd forgotten to buy me one or even bring me something yummy for my snack. Instead I had to put on my gorgeous face and sit right next to everyone's ice-cream tubs just hoping for a smidgen of a morsel. I did manage to persuade the mummy to give me a tiny bit and I also got to lick the lids. After a hasty quick wash down with a couple of bottles of water we were off for the chips.

The chips place turned out to be some big store where my people went in and then came out again with a huge bag of dog food. I guessed it is for me, although I know Allie the cat has taken a liking to it too (perhaps that's why they've bought such a large bag). Then it was my turn to go into the store and see the chips person, the V.E.T.. I was such a good girl and didn't get side-tracked at all by the bunnies, the wonderful food smells and the squeeky toys. The V.E.T. lady put me on some funny runway thing and everyone seemed to want to fuss and pet me. Apparently I'm 17.5 [kg] although I thought I was only 7 [year's old], where did those years go? Then I met another V.E.T. who really seemed to take a shine to me. She had a large jar of biscuits for me to try. I kept spitting bits of them out which was my cunning plan to try a bit of each variety! After lots more fussing and petting she had the nerve to jab me in the neck, I've no idea why. I've now got this annoying green tag around my neck which jangles against my name tag so much I reckon Father Christmas will get woken by it. Apparently that was the chip - not tasty at all - in fact I think I've been lead up the garden path a bit. At least now I can be found if I decide to get lost at some point.

Quite an eventful day in all, especially as I got a bath out of it at the end and a sleep by a roaring fire.
Bath time

The mummy suggested I post my thoughts on life with the newbies so you can all see how I'm settling in and enjoying myself.

So far I don't seem to have given my family any trouble. I know this because I'm getting so many fusses and tummy rubs and lots of playtime too. The food's pretty good, although the mummy seems to be a little worried that it's coming out about the same colour as it goes in! The things these humans worry about, I don't know.
More playing please, come on, come on!
Anyway, the mummy and the daddy bought a few toys for me to play with, a couple of tuggers which are good fun, especially when I'm able to make them squeak - that just drives me loopy. My favourite game though is good old chase and catch. I could do this until the cows come home and really take advantage of the mummy and the daddy when they sit outside with cups of tea (which seems to happen quite a lot). I don't even get told off for shoving a slobbery tennis ball into their hands over and over and over again. I think it's good exercise for them to keep throwing that ball for me to chase and bring back to them anyway.
I love tennis balls the best - they're great!
When the tennis ball is off the agenda (sometimes they go missing and the Ben has to get another one from his stash upstairs), I'll find a stick to chew instead. Small sticks aren't really my thing - they have to be really big so I can master balancing just perfectly. I know the mummy loves picking up all those soggy bits of wood when I bring the stick inside to chew.
sticks are a very close 2nd

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