Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The mummy suggested I post my thoughts on life with the newbies so you can all see how I'm settling in and enjoying myself.

So far I don't seem to have given my family any trouble. I know this because I'm getting so many fusses and tummy rubs and lots of playtime too. The food's pretty good, although the mummy seems to be a little worried that it's coming out about the same colour as it goes in! The things these humans worry about, I don't know.
More playing please, come on, come on!
Anyway, the mummy and the daddy bought a few toys for me to play with, a couple of tuggers which are good fun, especially when I'm able to make them squeak - that just drives me loopy. My favourite game though is good old chase and catch. I could do this until the cows come home and really take advantage of the mummy and the daddy when they sit outside with cups of tea (which seems to happen quite a lot). I don't even get told off for shoving a slobbery tennis ball into their hands over and over and over again. I think it's good exercise for them to keep throwing that ball for me to chase and bring back to them anyway.
I love tennis balls the best - they're great!
When the tennis ball is off the agenda (sometimes they go missing and the Ben has to get another one from his stash upstairs), I'll find a stick to chew instead. Small sticks aren't really my thing - they have to be really big so I can master balancing just perfectly. I know the mummy loves picking up all those soggy bits of wood when I bring the stick inside to chew.
sticks are a very close 2nd


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