Monday, 7 June 2010

The prickly being

what the?
I was fascinated to find a couple of rather prickly things on the floor when the Mummy was cleaning the bathroom the other day. I'm not usually intrigued by things left lying around the house, unless of course it's a ball, a stick, or that very unfriendly cat called Pepper. Anyway, this object caught my eye. I'm sure it moved you know, otherwise I wouldn't have even bothered to get up from a quick 40 winks snooze on the floor to investigate it further.
I know it moved ...
The Mummy said it was a star fish and being the clever dog around here I know that fish move so it must have twitched or something. Between you and me, it took a lot of courage on my part to get closer for a better inspection, but lo and behold it was a mean little thing, it stung my nose. I couldn't believe it, how horrible can something be! I tried sniffing it a couple of times and had a little friendly bat at it with my paw, but each time I had a small shock from it's prickles.
I guess star fish and me just don't go together.


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