Monday, 26 July 2010

Balls, and lots of 'em too

Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but, apart from food (a dog's priority), tennis balls are my top, top wonderful thing to own.  I own quite a few you know!  I was so lucky to come into a household where the Boy used to play tennis.  This means, yep, you've guessed it, that there were tennis balls everywhere, even new unopened boxes of them!  I whittled his big stash of tennis balls down to just a handful (if you have big man like hands that is).  Not sure what happened to the rest, I guess they're somewhere in the park, the garden, the house, even sinking into the marshes most likely.  Anyway, the ones I have left are special, so special.  They smell fab and are all slimey, chewed, dented and very well used.
The Mummy bought one of these small ball throwers a few weeks ago - amazing.  I can scoot across the park at break neck speed when the Family use it.

The Mummy is so impressed with my love of the little yellow things, she decided to add a tinsy winsy one to her latest craft work - "Patch plays ball" - although I'm a little put out that Patch isn't modelled on me!
Ellie's Treasures

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A tiny food obsession

Oops, I've been caught a couple of times now!  I have a thing for hunting down food - well I am a dog you know and dogs are know to love their grub, even if it is scraps.
hidden stash of eggs
A couple of weeks ago, when it was really, really hot, The Mummy was sitting outside sewing and I was keeping myself busy looking for a lost tennis ball.  I couldn't believe my luck when I came across a stash of eggs lurking deep in the hedge.  After a bit of a sniff around and tasting session I had to dash off to tell everyone else about my wonderful find.  All I got in return was mega grumbles of an awful pong that was surrounding me (obviously it was a worse pong that my usual little wind problems).  That didn't deter me though, oh no!  Back I went to investigate the eggs further.  The Mummy was horrified when I sauntered up to her with my head covered in sticky yellow stuff - boy did she exclaim at the state of me and the terrible stench.  Goodness, all that fuss for a few eggs.  Mind you, she was pleased to discover that Gina (our recently deceased hen) hadn't stopped laying eggs at all these last few months, she'd just been laying them in the hedge!  The Mummy promptly gave me a bath (I have way too many baths for a dog you know) and kept saying "I hope you won't be sick after all those stale eggs".  I'm pleased to report that I wasn't.
stealing the chicken's food
This morning I managed to sneak into the chicken run to grab a bite or two of pasta The Mummy had left in there as a treat for Georgie.  Didn't realise she'd caught me (again) and captured the whole thing on camera.  It looks like Georgie's about to march up and give me a piece of her mind doesn't it, but I don't listen to chickens, they're all cluck and no action!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cat problems

Everyone at my house is my friend, the cats, the rat, the rabbit and even the chicken (and of course the human beings too), but there's one cat that I'm finding extremely hard to understand and, to be honest, it's getting me and the rest of the family a bit het up.
Pepper - the aggravating cat
The cat in question is Pepper. I'm told several times every day what a loveable hound I am, but somehow this young puss really doesn't like me, let alone love me. From the moment I set foot in my new home, Pepper would run off. Allie and Kandar usually just ignore me and quite often they're so quiet I find I've tumbled over them in my haste to get outside and play ball. We obviously have a silent agreement "I'm here, you're here, so let's just get on with it". If only that was the case with Pepper. Lately he's been aggravating me by hissing and whinging whenever he comes in to eat or sleep. The Mummy says I really don't help by jumping up and barking whenever I see Pepper at the window, but really, that cat gives me an evil look and lashes out at me with those horrible sharp claws - of course I'm going to voice my frustrations.
it's not even moving!
The other day I nearly had the fright of my life. A small black cat was sitting perfectly still on the bathroom floor. I couldn't believe my luck to start with, I thought perhaps Pepper had finally come around to my way of thinking and way going to let me sniff his behind. I inched forward (I wasn't nervous - no, really I wasn't) and eventually I was able to do the sniffing thing. I quickly found out it was a nasty joke - it wasn't a cat at all. I know this for sure because it certainly didn't smell of cat, let alone Pepper, and I'd know the smell of Pepper anywhere. Perhaps it is a stuffed cat!
a very still cat!
Anyway, the humans must think I'm a bit dim or something because they kept putting this stuffed thing around the house expecting me to react. I wasn't going to give them the satisfaction.

Now ... where's that cat.

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