Saturday, 26 June 2010

BBBeeeaaaccchhh ...

It's been hot, really, really hot these last few days and the word "beach" kept being thrown around like one of my soggy tennis balls. Eventually the day came and the "beach" word actually turned into an outing to remember. We all headed off in the Landie in the afternoon with all the stuff that the humans seem to need when going out for any length of time. I knew we'd be out for a while because they had packed my evening meal and plenty of water to drink.
Poppy at Hunstanton
The drive was long and this is never good for my internals! I certainly kept my lot amused with the gas that I passed quite frequently during the journey!!

First of all we turned up at a very sand
 y lane which The Daddy insisted we all drive. It was so bumpy that I joined in a bit with the complaining (by passing more gas). Finally we reached the "beach". It was fabulous, sand, sand, sand and then, even better, water.

There were quite a few people around but not too many, so I could play ball in the sand for ever and ever. The ball, being rather wet, got completely coated in
 sand but I didn't care. Plopping it down in The Mummy or The Daddy's laps was great fun as each time I'd get a "oh no, that's disgusting" comment from them, or something similar.
Not too sure to start with

The sea was interesting. It took a very short while for me to get used to it. The Katie decided a short walk on the lead would help me along and it was fun, although it was a bit salty to drink. Luckily The Mummy had brought my bowl and plenty of water, but another tiny dog kept taking drinks from it too - cheeky thing. He, and several other dogs kept wanting to play ball, it's just not fair, their Mummy and Daddy should play with them, not my Mummy and Daddy. I think they all got the hint in the end, especially as I was far quicker at retrieving then any of them. One gentleman dog seemed to take quite a shine to me, it got a little embarrassing at one point but I won't go into any more details!
this fella took a shine to me!

Lots of splashing in the sea with The Katie and The Ben throwing my ball deeper and deeper into the water to make me swim. In the end I just stood still so they had to wade in and retrieve it! I know how far I can go before losing my feet. Swim? You must been joking!
but loving the sea in the end

Everyone had lovely food to eat, including me. I found some leftovers not too far from where we were eating and ignored The Mummy having a go at me for eating the wrong kinds of food! Goodness, a dog's allowed a treat once in a while.
especially if a ball was involved in the play

I was completely exhausted on the way home and slept for most of it resting my nose against The Mummy's arm. I think fun at the beach is nearly as good as fun at the park
 - I hope we go again soon.


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