Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Listen up folks

Poppy sporting her
I've been a little under the weather these last few days, although I'm well and truly on the mend now, thanks to my folks looking after me and to the kind V.E.T. who sorted me out in double quick time.

Last Thursday morning I greeted my Mummy with a puddle of sick!  Yuck, I know but there have been other mornings where I've gotten a little bored of waiting I've left her a similar present to tell her off.  She got the hint eventually, and began to give me a bit of grub before bed, so the throwing up didn't happen quite so often.  This Thursday though, I didn't throw up on purpose, I did it because I was feeling a bit under the weather (although not so under the weather that I couldn't got for a morning ball play at the park)  The Mummy and the Katie went off to the stables as usual, and when they got home the Daddy correctly reported that I'd been throwing up the whole time they'd been out.  First it was my breakfast, then it was bits of apple that the Daddy had given me yesterday, then it was nothing but clear slime with lots of grass in it (the first time I did this, I managed to spread it from one room into the next - the Daddy wasn't impressed).  I tell you, it was hard work on my tummy constantly throwing up.  The look on the Mummy's face was enough to confirm she wasn't going to let this go on for much longer.  She got on that thing called the "phone" and talked to the V.E.T.

Strangely enough (and doesn't this always happen), I stopped throwing up once an appointment with the V.E.T. had been made (for early next morning - they're very popular V.E.Ts), and I began to feel a bit better. 

Next morning came and, as the V.E.T. had suggested, I got yummy chicken with not so yummy boiled rice for breakfast.  The Mummy was over-the-moon to find I could keep the chicken down and as I felt a bit better she decided to cancel the visit to the V.E.T.  Deep down I knew this was a bad mistake - my tummy still felt rather dodge.  Naturally I waited until she'd chatted to the V.E.T. and then decided to throw up the chicken and then an hour or so later I threw up a rather strange looking object which the Mummy called a sweetcorn cob.  Lots of head scratching going on now - apparently my folks hadn't had corn-on-the-cob for several months.  Obviously, being a pooch and not a human, I couldn't enlighten them as to where I'd picked it up.  That, my dear readers, will be my secret for ever more!!

Back on the phone and it seemed the earliest V.E.T. appointment was Saturday afternoon.  The V.E.T. didn't seem too concerned, especially as I was able to chuck up something rather nasty like a corn cob!  As it turned out, Friday night I just wanted to sleep and be left along - everyone was worried for me.  That good man, the V.E.T. phoned first thing Saturday morning, and demanded I be brought in to the surgery for further investigation immediately, rather than wait until my appointment.

I certainly didn't like it there as they whisked me away and I had to watch as the Daddy and the Ben walked out of the room.  This funny camera thing took a photo of my innards and then, without further ado, I was out like a light for a few hours.  It turns out a bit of that horrible corn cob had got stuck in my bowels - rather lucky that V.E.T. phoned wasn't it - could have been a bit nasty for me otherwise.
The offending corn cob
I've got this rather silly lampshade thing to wear now as I keep scratching my stitches.  To think the label reads "fashionable collar" - yeh, right!

So lovely readers with pooches - please make sure your faithful hound doesn't eat corn on the cob, it could turn out to be rather bad, and rather expensive too apparently.  And while I'm on the subject, the V.E.T. said dogs shouldn't eat sticks, socks or any other yummy looking object that's not been given to you in a bowl  - they can all make you blocked up.  Life's just so unfare.


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