Thursday, 10 June 2010

The cheek of it ...

I've made a friend, a furry friend. He's called Allie and he's a cat.

I know, I know, cats and dogs and all that, but he's a harmless bundle of purr and lots of fluff (it's everywhere) and he doesn't seem at all bothered by me, unlike the black cat called Pepper. That's a whole different story ....
Allie and Poppy
The other evening when the Mummy was on the phone and I was trying to have a snooze as she chatted (for what seemed an absolute age, as female humans do), I woke up to find Allie next to me. This was the first time it had happened and it was rather sweet I thought. I've noticed that he likes to snuggle up when it's a bit cold outside and the extra warmth is rather comforting when it's chilly. It's great when we're together when the Mummy and the Daddy are watching TV in the evenings.
However, I think Allie had pushed things a little too far. I mean I am still the boss around here and the boss has the most comfy of everyone's beds (check out below. Anyone would prefer to sleep on a soft duvet over a hard kitchen sink for goodness sake.). I was a bit shocked to find him curled up on MY bed! The Mummy made me leave him alone, I guess he does need to rest his poor old bones.


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