Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A tiny food obsession

Oops, I've been caught a couple of times now!  I have a thing for hunting down food - well I am a dog you know and dogs are know to love their grub, even if it is scraps.
hidden stash of eggs
A couple of weeks ago, when it was really, really hot, The Mummy was sitting outside sewing and I was keeping myself busy looking for a lost tennis ball.  I couldn't believe my luck when I came across a stash of eggs lurking deep in the hedge.  After a bit of a sniff around and tasting session I had to dash off to tell everyone else about my wonderful find.  All I got in return was mega grumbles of an awful pong that was surrounding me (obviously it was a worse pong that my usual little wind problems).  That didn't deter me though, oh no!  Back I went to investigate the eggs further.  The Mummy was horrified when I sauntered up to her with my head covered in sticky yellow stuff - boy did she exclaim at the state of me and the terrible stench.  Goodness, all that fuss for a few eggs.  Mind you, she was pleased to discover that Gina (our recently deceased hen) hadn't stopped laying eggs at all these last few months, she'd just been laying them in the hedge!  The Mummy promptly gave me a bath (I have way too many baths for a dog you know) and kept saying "I hope you won't be sick after all those stale eggs".  I'm pleased to report that I wasn't.
stealing the chicken's food
This morning I managed to sneak into the chicken run to grab a bite or two of pasta The Mummy had left in there as a treat for Georgie.  Didn't realise she'd caught me (again) and captured the whole thing on camera.  It looks like Georgie's about to march up and give me a piece of her mind doesn't it, but I don't listen to chickens, they're all cluck and no action!


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